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Lake Sherwood & MGM Studios (circa 1965)

(Originally appeared in the Chronicle on March 17, 1965)

Lake Sherwood | MGM Goldwyn Mayer

Lake Sherwood | MGM Goldwyn Mayer | Lake Sherwood

Lake Sherwood Other Valley Sites Viewed

Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer is considering moving its gigantic movie studios to the greater Conejo Valley, The Chronicle learned exclusively today.

Lake Sherwood area has valuation of property and has been mentioned as one of the sites under consideration by the big movie maker, but it is also understood that more than one site within the greater Conejo area is under scrutiny of the MGM site seekers.

For approximately two years, MGM has been conducting a search for a successor to its 185 acre sprawling movie studios in Culver City.

A spokesman for the movie maker said today, however, that no decision has been made and he gave no indication when a decision would be made.

“About a dozen different spots have been and are being considered,” the MGM spokesman told the Chronicle “and no decisions have been made.”

Along with MGM, two other big movie firms, Twentieth Century Fox and Columbia Pictures, have been considering leaving their L.A. movie capital sites for areas giving additional room.

Behind the scenes battles have been underway for many months between proponents of new sites for the movie makers and the city officials and chamber of commerce area’s where the movie sets are now located.

Currently MGM employment at its Culver City site varies from 2200 to 3500. The movie maker has used the property ever since the birth of the movie industry over 40 years ago.

Conjeo area is being touted, it is understood, at a future home for the movie maker because of its proximity to many outdoor movie making locations, its nearness to the homes of many stars who live in San Fernando Valley, Beverly Hills and the West Los Angeles area, and the availability of large acreages at prices well under the current valuation of property in Los Angeles. The ideal climate and clear skies are also mentioned as attributes for the Conejo area.

Representatives of various large landowner in areas where MGM might locate in the greater Conejo area refuse to discuss the possibility. They cited the possibility of disrupting discussions if premature disclosures were made.

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