Construction, New Lots and Homes for Sale in Sherwood Country Club

New Home Construction takes great Patience and Fortitude!

Just like the two marble lions, Patience and Fortitude, sitting majestically in front of the New York Public Library, new home construction, especially at this time of year, takes great patience and fortitude.  Sherwood Development Company, Sherwood Construction, Inc., and Sherwood Valley Realty have shown that they have this same patience and fortitude to weather the economic storm and have started actively marketing these beautiful and singularly unique homes.

The Madeleine is a striking two-story French Riviera style homes that sits across from the 5th and 6th  holes of the Sherwood Lake Club golf course.  The home is 4,676 square feet in size and within walking distance to Sherwood Lake Club’s clubhouse. 


La Tuscana is a stunning two-story Tuscan home that has everything! This 5,039 square foot home overlooks the 9th hole of the Sherwood Lake Club golf course and has breathtaking views of the Santa Monica mountain range.

Lastly is the Bella Villa which sits on a corner lot in the southern portion of the Sherwood community.  It’s a beautiful Italian style home 5,088 square feet in size which also encompasses golf course, mountain and valley views. 

The Madeleine, La Tuscana and Bella Villa will be complete early Spring of 2012.   Sherwood is always striving to create and design our homes with the best materials and latest technologies as well as “green” accoutrements.

The Sherwood Country Club community will strive to keep moving forward even through the difficult times……..with great Patience and Fortitude!



Trenching and the Wheel.

Everything starts with the Wheel!  This week Sherwood Development Company broke ground on three new homes slated to be complete Spring 2012 with the Wheel being the most integral piece of this process.  The Wheel is a tool that is used to trench the footings for the home.  It is an amazing piece of equipment and fascinating to see in action.  With the Wheel, our crew can have the footings dug within hours instead of days.  Seeing our crew in action never ceases to amaze me!

Site 44 - Madeleine

Constructing a home is an intricate dance of timing and takes a wealth of experience to get it right (the first time) and Sherwood Construction, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and expertise to build our homes in about 6 months.

Each new home is specifically built to fit on each lot and no one home in Sherwood is alike.  As we are a spec builder, our team picks the style, design and materials for each home and if a buyer comes in at the right time, they could potentially get a semi-custom home.

Site 35 - La Tuscana

Please check back in shortly to see our new “Lifecycle of Construction” section of the website where we hope to take you through the cycle of each home and bring the construction timeline full circle for you.  Everything starts with the Wheel!

New Home Sales up in the Sherwood Country Club community!

Recently we’ve been hearing how new home sales are down across the nation but we are glad to report that does not appear so at Lake Sherwood.  Over the past two weeks, two new homes have closed escrow and two new families have joined our growing community.

Sherwood Construction is building new homes in about 6 months time and are building for the market which include new “green” accoutrements in each home; windows, insulation, water heaters, and more.

Why buy new?  Each of our homes comes with a 10 year Warranty.  If one decides to purchase a new home while in construction, our specialized team will walk you through each and every step of the process while selecting a few custom items to make the home YOURS.

Sherwood is a hidden jewel in southern Ventura County; still close enough to drive into the city but far enough from the city to feel like you’re on vacation, every day!  Don’t you want to see for yourself?