News & Events at the Sherwood Lake Club and Sherwood Country Club, including Tiger Woods Golf Tournament

Preview the stunning Foxborough & Nottingham tomorrow (Broker’s & Agents Only)  from 11 through 1:30 behind the gates in Lake Sherwood @ Sherwood Country Club. (Pricing Reduced)



View Property


View Property

158 Upper Lake Road – Sherwood’s Hidden Treasure

158 Upper Lake Road

158 Upper Lake Road

A truly magical 4240 square foot estate built by the Sherwood Development Company in the heart of the charismatic neighborhood of Thistlebery behind the guard-gated estates of exclusive Sherwood Country Club. The property spans nearly 1 acre amid the beautiful Santa Monica Mountain range overlooking the oldest, scenic, made man made lake in California, Lake Sherwood.

158 Upper Lake Road is accessed through one of the two Sherwood gates off of Potrero Road. Potrero Road is the main artery that winds East/West through the scenic Hidden Valley. It is the first intersection you reach when exiting the historic Decker Canyon Road from the beaches of Malibu or the Canyons of the Santa Monica Mountain wilderness areas.

Once past the Stafford Gate, you veer left on Stafford Road along the glistening perimeter of Lake Sherwood toward Thistlebery. The short drive to Upper Lake Road is bundled with views of Southern California’s most stately and artisan crafted lakeside estates. Each are neatly and somewhat ‘mysteriously’ tucked into the mountainside. After you pass the first 3-way stop sign at the appropriately named Lower Lake Road, you intersect with Upper Lake Road, where you take a left. Immediately traveling up Upper Lake Road, you are overwhelmed by the private, humble and ‘yesteryear’ charm that is Old Sherwood—Thistlebery.

158 Upper Lake Road - Pool

158 Upper Lake Road – Pool

As you veer left on Upper Lake Road, you are immediately overwhelmed by the whimsical air and ecclectic charm & character of Sherwood’s Thistlebery neighborhood. The sensory overload from the stately Classical architecture on Stafford Road fades as you enter into a more serene, lake style neighborhood. A sort of ‘magnificent tranquility.’ It is a calm that you would expect from an address such as 158 Upper Lake Road. This charm, character and tranquility are part & parcel to the current and past residents’ strength, resolve and dedication to preserve Lake Sherwood’s original beauty and majesty. The lake has been stewarded by the local residents and the landholders behind the gates of Sherwood since the Roaring Twenties—as old as the lake itself.

The driveway leads you up to the beautiful 4240 square foot Sherwood estate. You enter either through the spacious, 3-car garage or by way of a short, sweeping spiral stairway to the bold facade of the solid, arch-shaped, custom distressed, stained, bronze laden-front door.

Upon entering, you are immediately greeted at the foyer with the interior’s transitional style and a warm welcome of the expansive and inviting dining area. To the left of the foyer, you are struck by the grand northeasterly facing living room and its impressive custom, distressed wood I-beam laden ceiling and a hand picked chandelier that further accentuates the estate’s ‘out-of-doors’ ambiance. To the right, upon entrance, you are met with the flow of the main floor that merges the gorgeous ‘state-of-the-art‘ kitchen with the warm and expansive family room.

Off from the main floor and office is a very short flight of stairs that winds up to the second floor living area. At the top of the stairs you are greeted by the 3 bedrooms and the spacious Master Suite which immediately gives rise to a sense of breadth that seems to span the entire width of the estate’s floor plan. Each room seamlessly holds together the ‘flow’ and ‘oneness’ that originated at the main floor and foyer. The second floor living area provides ample space for a growing family and their guests, while keeping with the ‘familial’ architectural theme and an open-aired ambience, while sparing no expense at the sake of privacy.

158 Upper Lake Road

158 Upper Lake Road


Not to be outdone, the exterior is clearly designed & constructed with the same ‘form follows function’ architectural intent as the interior. The backyard faces a beautiful southwest facing slope that provides views of nightly ‘spectaculars’ courtesy of the Southern California skies and its glorious sunsets. It is not cliché to say that one must have to see to believe … the colors and array of clouds provide evening spectacles worthy of a Hollywood production evening set.

The pool is anchored at the bottom of the sloping backyard by a beautiful Wisteria-strewn cobana and Jacuzzi. Along the pool deck you are given access to the land that rises up to some of the most stunning views in Southern California. This sloping land immediately gives rise to immediate thoughts of creating a custom vineyard or an orchard. From atop the hillside you can delight in forever views of Hidden Valley, Lake Sherwood, and Westlake Village by day and the Milky Way by night.

This blend of a real-life inspired familial neighborhood, unmatched security, historic sense of community, lakeside living community, with world-class exclusivity and modern-day architectural elegance make 158 Upper Lake Road a treasure amongst the world’s exclusive residences.

A hidden treasure that awaits a very fortunate family …

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School’s out, Summer is Here and We’re Building Again!!! (details to follow soon…).

Lots going on here at Sherwood.

The Springs Fire is Out

Springs Fire

We had to evacuate because of the Spring Fire (fortunately no damage to our beautiful community). The beautiful Lake Sherwood was used by the brave men & women of our fire departments to contain the dangerous fire.

230 Lake Sherwood Drive

We’re in the process of showing the beautiful 230 Lake Sherwood Drive, a resale just outside the gates on the Northern most point of the lake. Find out more about that here and feel free to contact us here at the sales office.

The Monticello is In Escrow

The last of our most recently completed New Contstruction is currently In Escrow. You can find out more about this beautiful 5 bed room single story Tuscan Home here.
Please contact us any time for more information.

Lake Sherwood, California is home to Luxury Real Estate’s finest estates and homes directly next to the famous Sherwood Country Club Golf Course (Home of the Annual Tiger Woods Golf Tournament).

The homes in Sherwood Country Club are rivaled by few in the world; however one stands tall upon the majestic and famed Lake Sherwood (home of the Sherwood Lake Club).

784 Lake Sherwood is architecturally a cross between an old-fashioned East Coast “Hamptons” style estate a 21st Century technological masterpiece.

Just a few of the advanced luxurious features are eco-friendly solar panels, soundproof walls, private lakeside dock and a customizable Lutron lighting system throughout.

784 Lake Sherwood is, simply put, Sherwood Development Company‘s Lake Sherwood Masterpiece.

Lake Sherwood, California

784 Lake Sherwood Drive

Anyone that is familiar with Sherwood Country Club’s custom homes knows where Queens Garden is. They also know that the new lots for sale are becoming more and more scarce by the moment.

Up around the bend is Hemingsford Way—also Queens Garden— but around the corner, and soon to be one of Sherwood’s most sought after areas on the Clubs’ grounds due to the new construction that is in concept now.

2803 Hemingsford Way is a custom crafted Mediterranean Villa unique to Sherwood Country Club. It is a 7450 square foot 5 bedroom, 5.5 bath estate surrounded by (arguably) the most beautiful mountain vistas in the world. Or, at least, in Southern California.



Asking price $4,295,000. (Download Architectural Plans here)




Sherwood Country Club - 2803 Hemingsford Way

2803 Hemingsford Way

cont’d from Part I

Article Originally appeared in the New York Times, March 3, 2011.

by Frank Bruni

Inside are world-class laboratories with cutting-edge equipment and emblems of the ostentation with which Murdock approaches much of what he does. He made two separate trips to the mountaintop quarries in Carrara, Italy, to select the 125 tons of off-white marble that cover the floor and even the walls of the central atrium of the main building, called the David H. Murdock Core Laboratory.

Mr. David H. Murdock

Mr. David H. Murdock

He also commissioned, for the atrium’s dome, an enormous painted mural with outsize, hyper vivid representations of about two dozen foods at the center of his diet, including grapes as large as Frisbees, radishes bigger than beach balls and a pineapple the size of a schooner. This kaleidoscopic orgy of antioxidants is presented as a wreath around a soaring eagle, whose wingspan was lengthened at the last minute, to about 18 feet from 12, at his request. The bird symbolizes him.

Health paragon, patron and proselytizer

There are health nuts, and then there is Murdock: health paragon, patron and proselytizer, with a biography as colorful as that mural, a determination to write a few more chapters of it still and a paradox of sorts at the center of it all. What set him on this quest was a loss that no amplitude of wellness can restore, and even if he teased out his days into eternity, he would be hard pressed to fill them with the contentment they once had.

Murdock stands only 5-foot-8, and while he perhaps doesn’t look each and every one of his many years, his skin is deeply wrinkled, and his hair is entirely white. His hearing has dulled, so that he frequently misunderstands the questions he is asked, though it’s possible in some instances that he simply decides not to answer them and to talk about something else instead. He thrums with willfulness.

“I never had a boss in my whole life,” he says, owning up to what he labels a “dictatorial” streak.

“I’ve totally destroyed anybody’s ability to tell me what to do.”

His energy, more than his appearance, makes him seem younger than he is. At his lodge he leapt from his chair every 20 minutes to grab unwieldy four-foot-long logs and hurl them into a stone fireplace two stories tall. The gesture was not only irresistible metaphor — he didn’t want the flame to die — but also showy proof of his strength. He tries to fit in weight lifting several times a week, and that, combined with brisk walks on a treadmill and his diet, helps keep his weight at about 140 pounds, though he has always been naturally slender, even when he ate what he pleased. He doesn’t count calories or believe in extreme caloric restriction as a way to extend life.
But he does believe that excess weight is a sure way to abbreviate it, and reprimands friends, acquaintances and even strangers who are heavy.

In 2006, when he first met with D. H. Griffin, whose demolition company was to prepare the site for the research campus, he took note of Griffin’s size. At 5-foot-11, he weighed about 285 pounds.

“You’re probably going to die before this job’s done, because you’re so fat and unhealthy,” Murdock told Griffin, as Griffin recalls, adding that Griffin’s family would wind up paying extra money for an extra-large coffin. Later he did something more constructive: he offered Griffin a bonus if he lost 30 pounds. Griffin did and collected $100,000. He has since regained 22 of them.

to be continued…

Sherwood Country Club featuring The Premire

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Friday January 20th – 11am – 1pm

  • 70 Queens Garden Drive (The Premiere) $2,510,000
  • 2930 Stafford Road – (Calais) $2,990,000
  • 82 Queens Garde Drive (La Tuscana) $2,850,000
  • 3005 Stafford Road (Bella Villa)$2,875,000
  • 3039 Stafford Road – (Madeleine) – $2,680,000
  • 898 Lake Sherwood Drive – (La Maison Ronde) $5,750,000
  • 3013 Faringford Road – $2,695,000
  • 250 Garden – $2,695,000
  • 2518 Ladbrook Way – $4,495,000
  • 2568 Ladbrook Way – $6,650,000
  • 410 Upper Lake Road – $2,950,000

New Home Construction takes great Patience and Fortitude!

Just like the two marble lions, Patience and Fortitude, sitting majestically in front of the New York Public Library, new home construction, especially at this time of year, takes great patience and fortitude.  Sherwood Development Company, Sherwood Construction, Inc., and Sherwood Valley Realty have shown that they have this same patience and fortitude to weather the economic storm and have started actively marketing these beautiful and singularly unique homes.

The Madeleine is a striking two-story French Riviera style homes that sits across from the 5th and 6th  holes of the Sherwood Lake Club golf course.  The home is 4,676 square feet in size and within walking distance to Sherwood Lake Club’s clubhouse. 


La Tuscana is a stunning two-story Tuscan home that has everything! This 5,039 square foot home overlooks the 9th hole of the Sherwood Lake Club golf course and has breathtaking views of the Santa Monica mountain range.

Lastly is the Bella Villa which sits on a corner lot in the southern portion of the Sherwood community.  It’s a beautiful Italian style home 5,088 square feet in size which also encompasses golf course, mountain and valley views. 

The Madeleine, La Tuscana and Bella Villa will be complete early Spring of 2012.   Sherwood is always striving to create and design our homes with the best materials and latest technologies as well as “green” accoutrements.

The Sherwood Country Club community will strive to keep moving forward even through the difficult times……..with great Patience and Fortitude!



Trenching and the Wheel.

Everything starts with the Wheel!  This week Sherwood Development Company broke ground on three new homes slated to be complete Spring 2012 with the Wheel being the most integral piece of this process.  The Wheel is a tool that is used to trench the footings for the home.  It is an amazing piece of equipment and fascinating to see in action.  With the Wheel, our crew can have the footings dug within hours instead of days.  Seeing our crew in action never ceases to amaze me!

Site 44 - Madeleine

Constructing a home is an intricate dance of timing and takes a wealth of experience to get it right (the first time) and Sherwood Construction, Inc. has the knowledge, experience and expertise to build our homes in about 6 months.

Each new home is specifically built to fit on each lot and no one home in Sherwood is alike.  As we are a spec builder, our team picks the style, design and materials for each home and if a buyer comes in at the right time, they could potentially get a semi-custom home.

Site 35 - La Tuscana

Please check back in shortly to see our new “Lifecycle of Construction” section of the website where we hope to take you through the cycle of each home and bring the construction timeline full circle for you.  Everything starts with the Wheel!

Sherwood Development Company and Sherwood Real Estate are partnering with the Greater Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce in hosting the 2nd annual Taste of Conejo on Tuesday, September 27, 2011. We invite you to join us and more than 1,000 of your friends and neighbors in the greater Conejo Valley community and beyond for an unforgettable evening of exceptional food and spirits, stunning fashion, live music, dynamic demonstrations and more at the beautiful Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Pick up a tasting tray and wine glass on the way in and visit countless food/beverage vendors excited to debut their delicious tastings! From savory and sweet treats to a variety of beer, wine and specialty liqueurs, there’s something for everyone. Stop to let your food settle and enjoy the dazzling fashion show, outstanding live music, and maybe even a back massage. Swing by our table, we’d love to see you! 

This reasonably priced “local night out” is one you won’t want to miss! Advance registration is available now at Taste of Conejo through Sept. 21. Guests must be 21+. Recommended attire: Dressy casual. 

Questions? Contact Director of Community Relations & Events, Kelli Lighthizer, at 805-370-0035 or

New Home Sales up in the Sherwood Country Club community!

Recently we’ve been hearing how new home sales are down across the nation but we are glad to report that does not appear so at Lake Sherwood.  Over the past two weeks, two new homes have closed escrow and two new families have joined our growing community.

Sherwood Construction is building new homes in about 6 months time and are building for the market which include new “green” accoutrements in each home; windows, insulation, water heaters, and more.

Why buy new?  Each of our homes comes with a 10 year Warranty.  If one decides to purchase a new home while in construction, our specialized team will walk you through each and every step of the process while selecting a few custom items to make the home YOURS.

Sherwood is a hidden jewel in southern Ventura County; still close enough to drive into the city but far enough from the city to feel like you’re on vacation, every day!  Don’t you want to see for yourself?

Sherwood Development Company goes vertical!

Initial framing of the three newest, semi-custom homes in the Sherwood Country Club community of Thousand Oaks, California, is complete.   Construction is underway and slated for completion in November 2011.

Sherwood’s luxury homes offer superior craftsmanship and energy efficient accruements. Mountain views   of Madison

Real Estate

Sherwood Real Estate | Palermo

Buyer’s could have the opportunity to select interior design finishes at certain stages of construction.   The new homes include two single story homes and a two story home all featuring mountainous, golf course views and are all within walking distance to Sherwood Lake Club.


Sherwood Construction, Inc. will be breaking ground on three additional luxury homes in August: Madeleine, a two story French home; Bella Villa, a two story Italian Mediterranean; La Tuscana, a two story Tuscan home – all luxurious and unique.